About Abbie

Abbie Robson is a writer, editor, speaker, questioner and truth-seeker. Her passion is for story-telling, whether that be speaking directly with people or through writing, and believes our lives are the biggest story of all. The Bible stresses that the words we use are monumentally important, and words of testimony are given particularly high praise. Words have power, and by them boundaries can be stretched, walls can be broken through, and hearts can be broken and mended in glorious ways.

Abbie’s writing journey started in 1982, when she learned to hold a pencil, but she started getting serious when she wrote a memoir, Secret Scars, in 2007, followed by Insight Into Self-Harm in 2014, co-written with Helena Wilkinson.

In 2007 she founded Adullam Ministries, an information and resource website about self-harm and related issues. Through this she has done various speaking and training events using her knowledge of mental health from the point of view as a patient, friend and researcher, bringing a refreshing and honest depth to this sensitive subject.

She tweets as @AbbieRobson, and until recently blogged at Pink and Blue Mummyland. She lives in Rugby with her long suffering husband, two demanding children, and an even more demanding cat.

To contact Abbie about writing or speaking events, please use the contact page.