Writing My Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day, so it seems only fitting that I should share this post originally written for More Than Writers as part of my throwback series (even though it is a Wednesday!). Mental health is a bit of a specialist subject of mine. Over the years I've had the privilege of working … Continue reading Writing My Mental Health

Upside down stories

It’s been a rough few months in the house of Robson. In the forefront has been trying to sort out support for our daughter who is both gifted and has additional needs, which feels like it’s been a long, hard slog. Getting diagnoses has been a bizarre mix of relief and sadness. Dyslexia, autism, sensory … Continue reading Upside down stories

Life Raft of Forgiveness

This Thursday features an article I originally wrote for Amy Boucher Pye's blog series Forgiveness Fridays. She writes lots of awesome stuff, check out her website and books. When I was a kid, my dad drank. A lot. It’s hard to pull apart the memories, but I remember alcohol always being there, even before I knew … Continue reading Life Raft of Forgiveness